YouEye Finds 3 Biggest Mistakes Mobile Retailers Make

YouEye research reveals the three biggest mistakes mobile retailers make. Obstructing checkout and invasive pop-ups are just part of the problem.

mobile retailer

mobile retailer
As the holiday, er shopping, season starts, retailers are thinking about their mobile shopping experiences. YouEye recently released a few findings about how retailers work against themselves.

They concluded that three biggest mistakes mobile retailers make are:

1) Obstructing Checkout: From poorly placed promo-code fields to making customers turn around before finalizing their purchase, YouEye found that many retailers obstruct the checkout process. They write:

Nurture the checkout process and boost conversions by mentioning discount codes at the start. This is also the time to emphasize perks like free shipping, which prompted a 94 percent increase in interest among our participants. Bonus tip: Remind shoppers your site is secure, especially during checkout, when their confidence is most essential.

checkout-process2) Invasive Popups: the bane of the Internet. While sometimes necessary for your bottom line, pop-ups make research subjects lose it.

In our study, 70 percent of shoppers said they were less likely to shop with that retailer after annoying ads, and this was accompanied by a one-point drop in the [Net Promoter Score]. Basically, chasing conversion rates at the beginning of the process may alienate customers who could convert later.

3) Ignoring Reviews: So many retailers include reviews and urge custumers to leave them (even weeks after a pruchase a right?). But it’s not just a way to get a customer back to your site to make another purchase. YouEye concludes:

Obtain and display reviews. Positive reviews, as opposed to none at all, made our participants twice as likely to complete their purchases. Better yet, display a variety of reviews, allowing customers to rank them by usefulness and incorporate multimedia.

You can read more about their findings here.