You Won’t Find This Sticker in an App Store


Get real! Literally, this sticker is telling you all of the things you will find in an app store – by that we mean, real, physical things like your smartphone. Other things include your charger, your phone case, and of course all of the time you lost because you decided to play Candy Crush Saga. This sticker can’t help you get those hours back, but maybe it can help you find something else: other’s peoples’ things that require stickers! Seriously though, this sticker will set you back $0.99 but at the very least it will not make you click on ads. Cheap redemption! 

We’re only being silly of course – we agree that most things in life are not found in app stores. We do think, however, that apps are nice to have in order to gain or augment some of those things. Like, communicate with others you love so you can organize a family meal. Just don’t put a sticker on their plate!!!