Phi Tran

Facebook Messenger’s Code Reveals Hidden Friend-to-Friend Payment Feature

Facebook is ripe for a peer-to-peer payment feature, and the company has been experimenting with a hidden feature inside its mobile app.

Estonia is Offering the World’s First E-Residency Status

The digital world is getting more inclusive than the real world: Estonia announced the world’s first e-residency status to anyone who wants to visit its borders.

Owdy: The Ello-Killer

Ello hasn’t quite killed Facebook, but can Owdy kill Ello?

Swipe Right: The Cheap, New Way to ‘Like’ Anything

Like a sandwich? Just swipe right. Like your dog? Swipe right. Don’t like swiping? Your thumb’s out of luck.

People Are Willing to Trade Personal Data for Edible Cookies

Hundreds of New Yorkers handed over personal data like fingerprints, social security numbers and photos in exchange for a home-made cookie.

Facebook Finally Apologizes to Drag Queens for Deleting Their Accounts

Facebook’s controversial practice of deleting drag queen accounts sparked outrage for weeks before the social network decided to adjust its policy.

Learn Photography Skills From Top Instagram Photographers

Skillshare's latest series of tutorial videos feature some of social media’s best photographers.

Use JibJab’s Messenger App to Add Your Face to Shareable GIFs

A new, easy-to-use app from JibJab lets users customize GIFs for sharing.

Making Rape Threats on Twitter Lands London Man in Jail

Westminster Magistrates' Court in London made a landmark decision to jail a Twitter user for making violent and abusive rape threats against a politician.

iOS’s New Keyboard QuickType Found to Suggest Passwords

A security flaw in Apple's new predictive keyboard suggests passwords from other programs, apps and websites.