Owdy: The Ello-Killer

Ello hasn’t quite killed Facebook, but can Owdy kill Ello?


Ello — do you still remember it? The social network saw a surge of interest in recent weeks, but it’s been growing noticeably quiet in Ello-land where the typewriter offers the font-du-jour. Quickly after flooding Facebook with Ello invitation requests, Ello users have been quick to post little on the new minimalist social site. In other words, Ello hasn’t quite killed Facebook.

As a counterpoint, we offer Owdy, a parody social network that’s so elusively ironic, we can’t even offer you an invite.

Owdy is a bleeding edge groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting, next-level social network game changer built on the premise of synergistic user-centric arrogancy. Owdy knows you don’t give a shit about what your friends post, so Owdy doesn’t let content get in the way of what truly makes for a good social experience: rushing to get your username before everybody else and re-defining who your friends are.


Owdy is a joke. Literally, the parody social network is from WTFSEO (great name). The best part about Owdy is that it is quiet — so quiet, you’re never going to be on there talking to friends you’re trying to ignore on Facebook, which is essentially what’s happening @Ello.