Trending Today On Twitter: #YouPeople

If you people are on Twitter today, you’ll likely see some tweets mocking Ann Romney’s interview with Robin Roberts tagged with the #YouPeople hashtag.

And if you people haven’t seen any yet, you’re about to.

When asked this morning about her husband’s refusal to release additional tax returns (as both Bush and Obama had in the past), Ann Romney told Robin Roberts on ABC’s Good Morning America that “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life.”

And Twitter has been in a tizzy ever since.



But what do you think? Are Ann Romney’s words “dripping with disdain” as this last tweet suggests?

And . . . did she really say that?

Interestingly, the ABC News blog attempts to cast doubt:


But here’s the video, we’ll leave it to you people to decide (at around 1:15).
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(Ann & Mitt Romney with Donald Trump image from Shutterstock)