You Bring The Cracker Jack, I’ll Bring My Phone

Hi, my name is Frank, and I am a Chicago Cubs fan. I am not just a Harry Caray, Ryne Sandberg Cubs fan, no, I mean that I am a Jack Brickhouse, Dave Kingman Cubs fan. So, how is a Cubs fan who lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan to follow his favorite team? Back when I was a youngster my love for the Cubs took root thanks to the Chicago-based TV station WGN, which was on the cable system in my home town of Norway, Michigan. At that time WGN broadcast just about every single Cubs game. While WGN is on my cable system where I now live, it now only broadcasts little less than half of the Cubs games. Fortunately, enables me to watch any Cubs game I want via the Internet, and as you know, video quality on the Internet is very good now so watching the games on my computer is nearly as good as watching it on TV.

One can also follow their favorite Major League Baseball team on their mobile phone with At Bat 2010, available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. Unfortunately, only the iPhone version, which will likely also work on the iPad, includes live video, but the Android and Blackberry versions have live audio and in-game highlights. Listening to baseball games on a mobile phone harkens back to the day when one listened to games on small, transistor radios.

The iPhone, Blackberry, and Android versions of At Bat 2010 cost $14.99, which is one of the more expensive of the mobile applications. I think the Blackberry and Android versions should be cheaper because it does not include live video. After checking the yearly subscription to I am confused about whether mobile versions are included when you buy a subscription to I plan to buy a subscription to and I’ll find out whether the mobile version is included. I most likely will also buy the mobile version for my Android phone so that I can check in on the Cubbies during one of their famous day games. isn’t nearly as good as being at Wrigley Field, but it’s significantly better than not watching the Cubs at all. Oh, and Go, Cubs Go!