Yet Another Advertising Offering on Facebook

AdChap ImageJust when you thought there wouldn’t be more advertising options for application developers, AdChap, a cost-per-click ad network decides to launch. So why use them over one of their competitors? I have no idea! They have a pretty well designed user interface but aside from that, I don’t believe that they have the critical mass necessary to make this a sustainable business.

I am somewhat biased though since I think that many of the current advertising plays on Facebook are extremely short ones. Larger advertising networks (including Facebook) are preparing to enter the market and will have the inventory that is able to provide higher CPC and CPM then the existing Facebook advertising platforms. AdChap is currently charging $0.13 for each click and I’m sure that publishers are getting a fraction of that.

An additional problem with these new ad systems in that while they provide you with clicks, there is no insurance that some of those clicks are repeat users. This is the wild west of advertising and there is no accountability. Additionally, AdChap doesn’t appear to be serving the most compelling ads. An example of one of their ads is below. Is there anybody that thinks that the CPC advertising model on Facebook is a good model for new entrants to the market? If you still haven’t found a good advertising network on Facebook, go check out the AdChap application.

AdChap Sample