Yahoo Wants to Award Everyone With BravoNation

Yahoo continues to add Web sites as the year winds down. Their latest effort, currently in “rough draft” is BravoNation, a community where it’s all about praise.bravonationWith only a limited number of invitations being handed out, we’ve yet to get a firsthand account of the site, however, the concept seems pretty clear; Electronic awards sent via e-mail.

An API will allow you to create awards for anyone, anywhere, doing anything. For example, if you’re a blog owner, you can reward visitors by giving them a ‘Bravo’ for being the first commenter, 20 visitor, most prolific, etc.

Folks can then flaunt their awards with badges and the like.

According to Yahoo the “rough draft” status is like a pre-Alpha version, meaning that the site’s layout, design and purpose can still change radically.

Much like Yahoo answers there is a “currency.” This time around it’s called Bravo Bucks and each user will receive a daily allowance of ‘Bruckos’ each day. For you uber-competitive types there will be a maximum amount of Bruckos that anyone can collect – so chill out!

Users are known as Bravoteers.

Receivers do not have to be registered with Yahoo, however senders do.

Expect a slow-build time on this one. At first glance it appears a light and fluffy product. But everybody wants to be loved so this one could be a winner – if it ever graduates from “rough draft” status.