Yahoo Releases a Cool Application for WordPress Bloggers

If you want a fast and neat way of boosting your blog and blog posts with rich web contents, Yahoo has the answer for you. Introducing the Yahoo Shortcuts for WordPress, perhaps one of the best third party WordPress plugin ever created. This nifty Yahoo application is a web tool that sits in the background and suggests rich contents to bloggers when writing a post. You can search for Flickr photos relevant to your posts which you can easily embed into your blog, or badges representing company names, location, news and product names.

yahooshortcutswidget.jpgSo, how do you start using this cool WordPress application? Here are the steps:

  • Follow the usual procedure of installing a WordPress plugin to your blog – download, install and activate
  • Once activated, the Yahoo Shortcuts for WordPress widget will appear on the left-hand side of your blog’s dashboard
  • Start writing your blog posts, the Yahoo Shortcuts would start searching for relevant contents and display the results
  • Click on the Review this Post link and you will be brought to new screen which displays the shortcuts to web contents found by the plugin
  • When you find a relevant content, choose to save that content to your posts and you will be brought back to your blog’s edit window where the new content is already embedded

Here’s an example of the Yahoo Shortcuts for WordPress in action when embedding Flickr photos into a blog posts. After clicking on the submit button, the photo will be embedded into your post right away.


For a more detailed instruction on using the Yahoo Shortcut for WordPress, watch the tutorial or check out Search Engine Journal’s detailed coverage.