Yahoo! Music Launches Indie Music Player

Well, Yahoo! has thrown their proverbial hat into the Facebook application ring and I have to hand it to them, their new app is highly addictive. Using Yahoo! Music Blog makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The premise is simple, yet brilliant. The application scours the best indie blogs and pulls the MP3s into the player, allowing users to listen to full songs, add them to their favorites and share them with friends.

The most impressive aspect of the application is how polished it is. While there are occasional problems, such as loading a blog with no current songs listed, even the error message is in keeping with the indie vibe. When faced with such an error, a pleasant and soothing female voice announces: “That request cannot be processed, please try again” and you can’t even get upset about the bug. Well played, Yahoo!

Another aspect of the application that makes it so addictive is how simple the design and functionality are. There are 4 tabs, Recommended, Popular, Recently Viewed and My Favorites. There is a subtle fade out and fade in when switching between songs or music blogs, and the entire user experience is a very smooth and elegant.

If you want to spend hours discovering new music, go grab the Yahoo! Music Blogs application.

Music Blogs Screenshot