Rana Sobhany

GameFly Jumps Aboard Facebook Beacon Bandwagon

GameFly is a video game rental service that allows users to choose their games online and have their choices mailed to their house. Basically, it’s Netflix for gamers. Evidently, GF […]

Search for Kyle Fleischmann Recruits 34,000 Members

The Facebook community has unified around locating Kyle Fleischmann, a 24-year old graduate of Elon University, who has been missing since November 9. The group, Help Find Kyle Fleischmann-MISSING, has […]

Facebook+Wikipedia=Wikia Search?

Matthew Buckland broke the first screen shot of Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales’ new venture into the social networking arena, Wikia Search. The screenshot, a user profile page, was taken at a […]

3 Weeks and Counting

Henry Blodget’s article yesterday raises some pretty interesting points about Facebook’s current financial state when coupled with the effectiveness of Facebook’s advertising model. Considering that two hedge funds felt that […]

Yahoo! Music Launches Indie Music Player

Well, Yahoo! has thrown their proverbial hat into the Facebook application ring and I have to hand it to them, their new app is highly addictive. Using Yahoo! Music Blog […]

FlightStats Application Streamlines Flight Tracking

I can’t deny it any longer: I’m a big fan of mashups. However, most mashups seem to serve a very limited, niche purpose that needs to be fully adopted by […]

BREAKING: Facebook Forum Hacked!

Allfacebook received an email today from Boris Silver, the developer behind the Total Sports Fan application, regarding a hacked forum. Although Total Sports Fan is a third party app, the […]

Breaking: Colbert Mobilizes 1,000,000 in One Week

Well, they’ve done it. The fastest growing Facebook group ever has reached its goal of 1,000,000 members in nine days. I must admit, I joined this group relatively shortly after […]