Yahoo Messenger for iPhone is Ready for Download

So, after the much awaited Skype app has arrived on the iPhone, here comes Yahoo with an equally exciting and good application, the very popular Yahoo Messenger. Yes folks, the YM that we’ve grown to use and love is finally available as a native iPhone app. If you’re an iPhone and YM user, you’d love to have this app.Available now at the iTunes Apps Store as a free app, the Yahoo Messenger iPhone app comes packed some great features such as:

Instant message: Send text messages back and forth with your friends, including emoticons and web links.
Photo sharing: Take a photo on your iPhone and send that, or grab one from your photo gallery to share.
Stealth settings: Sign in as invisible, or change your status to invisible once you’re in the app.
Custom status message: Enter a custom status message for your friends to see. You can even include a web link with it.
Recent conversations archive: Under Messages, tap a contact and you’ll see your most recent conversation. You can type in a message from there to start chatting again.
Special idle state: If you have to leave the app for whatever reason, like a call comes in or you click a link in an IM that takes you to Safari, the Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app will keep you signed in but change your status to idle. That way you can continue to receive messages and provided you return to the app within ten minutes, pick up where you left off.
Additional settings: Tap the Settings icon to change the sort order of your contact list, or to show or hide offline contacts in your list.

In short, the Yahoo iPhone app has all the great features of the web interface and so you won’t really find a problem is using it. The app is not really hard to use, but if you want to see how it works first, you might want to watch this demo video prepared by the YM People.

Yahoo! Messenger for the iPhone demo video from Yahoo! Messenger on Vimeo.