Yahoo! Mail Increases Integration With Facebook

Yahoo! continues to increase their level of integration with Facebook, with the latest implementation enabling users to update their Facebook status from Yahoo! Mail as well as view their contacts profile photos when they’re emailed. While these new features are only being rolled out to a few select markets initially, it will be pushed out more broadly over the coming weeks and months.

Recently, Yahoo! launched the ability to import your Facebook contacts’ email addresses through their contact importer. This is a simple addition but will most definitely be a welcomed feature by Yahoo! Mail users who also happen to be Facebook users. This integration is through a special partnership between the two companies.

One has to wonder if Yahoo! happens to be one of those potential partners where Facebook intends to grant access to your data without separately filling out a form. Then again, I can’t think of any circumstances in which I’d want my information automatically granted, but we’ll have to wait until Facebook announces these partnerships at f8.

For now, we’ll have to rely on basic Facebook Connect implementation such as the integration now provided by Yahoo! Mail.