Xerox Launches a New App, Talks B2B

Today was launch day for Xerox, which unveiled “The Business of Your Brain” desktop app that digs into your inbox to find out who’s emailing you the most, whether you’re spending too much time in meetings, and all sorts of data culled from your Outlook. We got a bit of fun info (my work spouse was thrilled when I proposed, to make it legal), but what does it have to do with Xerox exactly?

“With everything we’re doing with our marketing, we want it to be unexpected,” Christa Carone, the CMO of Xerox told us. “We’re definitely trying to disrupt the legacy of the brand.”

Xerox launched a global marketing campaign in September, and Carone said this is an extension of that. She told us that 50 percent of Xerox’s revenue come from services, but customers immediately associate them with copying and technology. This marketing focus is on Xerox in the back office and how it can help businesses better use their resources. The app is a way to reach business consumers in a way that isn’t too stuffy.

“We wanted to make sure it was still in the business context,” she said. “With a consumer brand, you can make more of a widespread splash and feel confident that you’re reaching your target audience. For CIOs and CEOs, you have to be much more focused and be able to capture that attention when they’re in the context of business.”

So for Xerox, this is an engagement and brand awareness tool that takes off on the idea of how distracted we all are. Speaking of distraction, remember to visit PRNewser on Twitter, @PRNewser.