WWE SuperCard Receives Fusion Chamber Content Update

Players can now fuse lesser cards to form more powerful cards at each rarity level

WWE SuperCard

2K has announced the release of new content for WWE SuperCard, the collectible card game which allows players to collect their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas, taking them into the ring in matches against other players. This update adds a new Fusion Chamber to the game, giving gamers a new option for adding powerful cards to their deck.

WWE SuperCardThis Fusion Chamber offers varying card recipes, depending on the card rarity level. When players want to create a new card, they spend one card per ingredient spot to trigger the formation of a Fusion card. For instance, players may combine three Common-level cards (including Support cards) to create a more powerful Common Fusion card.

It’s worth repeating, the recipes in the Chamber are based on rarity, and not on each card’s individual level. This means players don’t need to worry about leveling up their lesser cards before fusing them, because the stats of the resulting Fusion card will not be affected.

With the introduction of the Fusion Chamber, 48 new cards have been added to the game, with six new cards for each of the game’s eight rarity levels (four Superstars, one Diva and one Support card for each). These cards are stronger than any released in the game so far.

Finally, players can purchase Ultra Rare card packs, as well as new Ultra Rare, Epic and Legendary rarity Divas card packs from the store.

WWE SuperCard is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game has been downloaded more than six million times since its release in August 2014. Another WWE mobile title, WWE Immortals, was released by Warner Bros. earlier this year.