Write Your Tweets By Hand Today

In honor of John Hancock's birthday, Moleskine wants you to tweet in your own handwriting today.

mhday600x500I thought that the Super Bowl was my favorite manufactured holiday (wings, beer, and TV on a Sunday?!), but there might be a runner up today. It’s National Handwriting Day, created by Moleskine two years ago.

It’s every year now on January 23, which is John Hancock’s birthday. Doesn’t it feel like something that Leslie Knope would come up with? It’s easy. All you have to do is write your next social media status with — take a deep breath here — a pen and paper. Snap a photo, upload it, and tag it with #NationalHandwritingDay. All posts are being archived by Moleskine here.

Most posts are mainly about how bad one’s handwriting is. But some brands like Staples, Barnes and Nobles, Penguin, and other bookish brands are getting in on it. I hate to be biased, but you should, too. You can win a box of Moleskine notebooks if you tag your post with #MHDay and who doesn’t want that? By all means, if you don’t, we do accept gifts over here. Here are some good posts so far:

And don’t worry if you don’t have time to break out the pen and paper today. You can tweet and win that box of Moleskine swag until the 28th.