World War Z tops Monsters University, Man of Steel on Facebook

In terms of box office revenue, the family-friendly Pixar film Monsters University was the biggest film in the country this weekend, but World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, is the most popular movie on Facebook.

PageData statistics show that there’s more Facebook buzz around World War Z than any other movie in theaters right now.

The top three movies, according to Fandango’s weekend box office figures, are World War Z, Monsters University and Man of Steel. While Man of Steel, which has been in theaters for a week longer than the other two films, has more likes, its people talking about this (PTAT) metric has fallen quickly. Monsters University grossed $82 million in its opening weekend, compared to World War Z’s total of $66 million.

Current PTAT:

  1. World War Z — 512,819
  2. Man of Steel — 438,336
  3. Monsters University — 405,830

Current like totals:

  1. Man of Steel — 1,168,676
  2. Monsters University — 960,309
  3. World War Z — 492,355

It’s interesting that World War Z, which has half as many likes as Man of Steel, has been able to generate a higher PTAT level. The U.K. Facebook page for Man of Steel is a bit more popular. Man of Steel fell off rapidly after opening weekend, dropping by 10,059 in the past week. Conversely, World War Z gained 346,598 in PTAT and Monsters University went up by 259,217.

Let’s have a look at the two biggest movies released recently: World War Z and Monsters University, in a PageData comparison.

Both movies were released in theaters on Friday, June 21. While Monsters University got a big like push that Wednesday, World War Z was by far the most-liked movie Thursday through Sunday.

New likes:

  • Thursday, June 20: World War Z (36,555) vs. Monsters University (13,370)
  • Friday, June 21: World War Z (33,156) vs. Monsters University (19,117)
  • Saturday, June 22: World War Z (32,728) vs. Monsters University (27,034)
  • Sunday, June 23: World War Z (15,761) vs. Monsters University (13,455)

In the month or so leading up to the movies’ release date, Monsters University (orange) was actually the more talked about film, but as time went on, it was surpassed by World War Z (blue).

World War Z image courtesy of the movie’s Facebook page.