‘World News’ EP Uses the Web for More ‘Real Feel’

SawyerConversation_12.22.bmpWhile the new “World News with Diane Sawyer” premiered on ABC last night, one longtime Web production — the daily World News Webcast — is taking a break.

“We put the Webcast on hiatus,” show EP Jon Banner tells WebNewser. Banner has added new elements to Diane Sawyer’s Web presence including “The Conversation.”

“‘The Conversation’ is a natural extension of what’s happening on air. And allows us to talk to some of our great top-notch beat correspondents in a way that’s not always possible on the broadcast,” says Banner.

The online chat is recorded on Webcam, in the newsroom, or wherever the correspondent or anchor may be. And while it may be edited, it is unvarnished showing the so-called “sausage making” that goes in to producing a nightly newscast.

“I think both the mission of the broadcast and our online mission is similar in that I want it to have a more real feel,” says Banner. “This is not always 100% polished, this is an attempt and being a little bit more real. Everything in life is not perfectly lit.

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