FIFA Doesn’t Want To See The World Cup In Your Twitter Avatar

FIFA Doesn't Want To See The World Cup In Your Twitter Avatars

FIFA is cracking down on Twitter users who want to express their love of the World Cup by using its copyright logo or emblems as their avatar.

According to Torrent Freak, FIFA is cracking down hard on anyone misusing their images on social media.

So far, Twitter has already removed images that are copyright to FIFA – including its logo and even pictures of the World Cup itself – from several of its users’ profile pictures. Their avatars reverted to the new user Twitter egg in lieu of the offending copyright image.

FIFA is apparently worried that misuse of its images will tarnish its brand, marketing efforts, and “also puts the interests of the worldwide football community at stake,” according to an official statement.

This may seem like an overblown reaction, but the use of official FIFA imagery as an avatar may lead some Twitter followers to believe that that account is an official representative of FIFA or the World Cup.

TorrentFreak has a copy of a takedown request sent to Twitter by FIFA, asking that the Twitter account @FIFA2014s remove the official FIFA World Cup emblem and a picture of the FIFA World Cup Trophy from its profile picture and header photo respectively.


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