Workaround For Pink HD7 Pics

If you own one of the new HTC HD7 phones from T-Mobile you might have found that when it takes pictures in environments with low lighting with the flash that the pictures have a pinkish tint. I’ve tried to replicate the problem with the picture that I took below. The problem has been widely reported on the Internet and it appears to be a carry over from the HTC HD2, which runs Windows Mobile 6.5, that has a similar problem. The HD2 and HD7 share the same hardware design and components.

T-Mobile will likely work with Microsoft to release a fix, but in the mean time there is a fairly simple workaround. When you are in a low lighting situation change the scene to Candlelight, which is done by tapping the Gear button in the Camera app, tapping Scenes, and then tapping Candelight. You can see the result of the change in the picture below. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone 7 Camera app does not retain the setting change and it defaults the Scenes to auto, so you will have to manually make the change each time you take a picture in low lighting.