10 Must Have Facebook Plugins For WordPress

While not all your friends want to read every update from your company’s blog, there’s a lot of value in cross-promoting your blog posts on Facebook. If you want to learn more about effective cross-promotion strategies, read day 25 of our Facebook Pages guide. While there are numerous blog platforms, we highly recommend WordPress, as we use it to power this site. Below is a list of 10 of the most useful WordPress Plugins and applications that integrate your blog with Facebook.

WP Facebook Connect

You can power your wordpress blogs by integrating Facebook Connect and make it easy for the visitors to sign-in through their Facebook account & comment on the blog posts. Your blog visitors do not need to fill their details for writing comments on the blog, in addition they can also publish the blog comments to their Facebook profile feed. Whenever a user writes a comment, they can be easily distinguished through their Facebook profile icon.

We’ve used this plugin to implement Facebook Connect on this site.

Facebook Share Button

Although there are many sharing plugins available for WordPress, nothing beats the Facebook share button for its ease of use. Once you embed the html and javascript it creates a share button which can be customized according to your preference. If a user clicks on that button, the number of shares is shown. Additionally, it can be configured to show likes, user-comments, shares, etc. for your WordPress blog-posts. If you prefer hacking things yourself, you can also grab the share button directly from Facebook.

Facebook Fan Box

If you are running a Facebook fan page and want to get some extra traction through WordPress blog this is a very handy plug-in. You can add the fan box to your blog-sidebar and choose to display your page updates, no. of fans, their profile pictures etc. We highly recommend positioning this box is an area which is obvious as new fan conversion can dramatically increase overall engagement on your site.

Import WordPress Blog Posts in Facebook

So you want to display your latest blog-posts on your Facebook account? You can do that through the Facebook notes application.

To activate this function in the new Facebook interface, this is what you need to do:

  1. In the menu bar, go to Account > Application Settings
  2. Click on the Notes link and then click on ‘Import a Blog’ link
  3. Enter the RSS feed url of the blog which you want to import into Facebook

That’s it ! Everytime you write a blog-post on your WordPress blog, it will be shown in ‘Notes’ tab and the post snapshot will also appear in the Facebook profile wall.

Networked Blogs Application

Do you want your blog to show up on your Facebook Page? While the Facebook Notes application has some basic features, the Networked Blogs application will automatically create stream posts so you don’t have to update Facebook everytime you have a post. There’s also rarely any delays between the networked blog post and your blog post, as compared to the Facebook Notes application which can often be delayed. If you want to integrate your blog into your Facebook Page, we highly recommend this application!

WordPress.com Posts on Facebook

Specifically meant for WordPress.com users, this application adds the core wordpress.com features to your Facebook account. You can set your publishing cycle, view visitor statistics and add bookmarks. It works both. For example, a blog post you write using this application will be shown within your WordPress.com account. On the other hand, a blog-post you write on wordpress.com account will be displayed with Facebook. You can set your display preferences for e.g. the no. of posts, no. of comments etc. While this doesn’t work for those people who are hosting their own WordPress accounts, it’s definitely useful for cross-promotion. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure whether updates from this application are posted directly to your stream.

Add This For Sharing

We previously covered AddThis as part of our guide to social Firefox extensions. To share a blog post via Facebook, you can click on the Add this button at the bottom of the blog-post and choose the Facebook service from the menu. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to implement within your blog. One of the quickest ways to implement this service (aside from the plugin) is by visiting the AddThis website and signing up for an account.

Chat with Facebook Friends

Using the Digsby plug-in, you can chat with your Facebook friends without leaving the WordPress blog. Digsby is compatible with popular chat clients, social networks & after installation, you can place it as a widget on your WordPress blog.

Facebook Dashboard Widget

If you don’t get time to access Facebook but still want to keep up with the status updates of your friends from wordpress you can use the Facebook dashboard widget. To use the widget, you need to enter the url in the plugin settings. You can use separate widgets for Friends’s status updates, Posted items and Notfications.

Facebook Status Updates

You can use the Status press widget plugin to display the facebook status update feed on your wordpress blog. To install it, you need to select the Facebook service and insert the url of your Facebook profile feed.

Facebook Photos Plug-in

You can insert an image while writing a blog-post by uploading it from your desktop or through the web. However, if there is an image in your Facebook photo album and you want to insert that in your latest blog-post, the process becomes pretty complicated. A solution for your problem is through Facebook photos plugin which provides easy access to your Facebook photos and makes blog-posting pretty simple.

Are you a WordPress blogger? Which Facebook plugins do you recommend?

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