WooMe Wednesday Interview With Stephen Stokols

Yesterday was Twitter Tuesday so I figured it would be good to make today WooMe Wednesday. Yesterday afternoon I spoke with Stephen Stokols, the CEO of WooMe, an online casual speed dating platform. I’ve tested out the platform with my friends before and I have to admit that it’s pretty entertaining. I also had the opportunity to check out the WooMe Facebook application called WooMyFriends.

The application enables your friends to make video introductions to friends of theirs that you are interested in dating. It’s a pretty cool application but unfortunately none of my friends are using the app so I haven’t had the opportunity to test it out. Currently the WooMe website has over 250,000 registered users. They’ve seen rapid growth given their launch toward the end of last year.

The company is backed by “Niklas Zennström’s (Skype Founder) Atomico Investments, the original investors in Skype (Mangrove Capital), and Klaus Hommels (Europe’s Investor of the Year, 2006).” The site continues to prove itself as a great platform for meeting people. One of the cooler features of their Facebook application are the video introductions that you can send via messages. It’s a pretty cool application and I’m sure it will be successful. Learn more about their company in my podcast with the CEO.