WooMe: Meet 5 People in 5 Minutes

Sounds like a single guy’s dream. Meeting five woman in five minutes. New Web site WooMe promises to create connections…fast!

woomeAllow me to preface this blog entry by admitting that I have NOT signed up for the site. As a married man, I didn’t see how I could justify this one with my wife. WooMe does make the case for being more than a speed-dating machine – but I’m not sure if I’m sold on that aspect of the site.

Registered WooMe users (currently in private beta) are put into five 60 second webcam sessions with other users. This allows people to make a snap-shot judgment: Is there a physical connection or not? After five minutes you decide who, if any of the users, were able to “woo” you. If they did, you’ll have to shell out $1 to contact them. A pretty cheap price for true love, I guess. Plus, there are no lengthy profiles or “compatibility tests.”

The site, however, as previously mentioned, sees the service being useful beyond the date-o-sphere. For example, it could be a way for employers to look for employees, friends to find new friends, or novice directors to cast their next indie film.

According to the company over 7,500 people have already made a connection. In the works is a tagging system that will allow users to beef up profiles and know more about the person before they “meet.”

Whether or not WooMe will cash in on the over $1 billion speed-dating marker remains to be seen. I don’t think I can be sure until I sign up. Honey, is that cool?