‘Wonder Woman’ Needs PR to Save the Day

People are worried. Can the new Wonder Woman live up to the old Wonder Woman, which rocked the house oh so much?

David E. Kelley is not putting anyone at ease with his New York magazine interview, where he admits that “it’s not a genre that’s in my wheelhouse.” Awesome isn’t “in your wheelhouse?”

Spinoff Online offers a few suggestions for how the show can “fix its PR problem.” And, after the jump, Lynda Carter in action.

Update after the jump.

Among the suggestions: better costume reveal photos (the pic here is what was used and, yeah, it’s a little lacking) and tease a portion of the script.

For fans of the original, the show will be hard-pressed to get raves. But female action stars — like those in Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and X-Mendefinitely have a following. If Kelley and Co. play their cards right, new audiences could fill the void.

Update: Looks like the folks handling things on the set of Wonder Woman have taken some of this advice. Check out new photos of Palicki in action, via Jezebel.