Women in the Digital Driver’s Seat

Those who think men are still the top influencers in the digital space will be surprised to learn that women are actually more active in social media and named the Internet as one of three things they could not live without for a month, according to a study released this week from Women at NBCU.

The study examined women’s tech habits and found that women are more likely than men to own a smartphone, a gaming app, and a Wii, as well.

Far from being intimidated by technology, 14 percent of women also agreed with the statement: “If you don’t have a social networking profile, you don’t exist.”

Those three things women could not live without for a month? The Internet, sleep, and showers, they said, whereas men reported they prefer sex over showers.

The study also showed 75 percent of women disagree with the statement “men are more comfortable with tech than women.”

Women show a marked difference from men with some buying habits: they like “flash” or “daily-deal” sales; they care less about privacy in favor of savings; they value friends’ recommendations over review websites and they have very high customer service expectations.

The study was conducted in April 2011. Adults between the ages of 18 and 54 were surveyed.