Celeste Altus

Tech Roundup: Bitly Rage, Hitch up Your ‘Sidecar’

Twitter page loading is getting snappier, thanks to an engineering change that reworks hashbangs, or those tags that look like this: !#. The pages are said to load five times […]

Top Ways People Share Good Content

How do you discover the next “big thing?” In this over-connected world, there is no end to the way people can seek out new music, books, TV shows and movies. […]

Tech Roundup: Milano Tweets for NHL; Balloonduck is Officially Live

-From the “I’m not sure I like this” file:  The National Hockey League allowed Who’s The Boss? actress Alyssa Milano to take over its Twitter handle during a Stanley Cup playoff […]

Tech Round Up: Twitter Buys RestEngine; Digg Staff To Work at WaPo

If you have been lagging and not Tweeting, Twitter has a plan to get you back. Twitter has acquired RestEngine, a personalized email service that will send out a “best of” […]

Despite Scandal, There Are Brands That Can’t Be Broken

In the world of public perception, a scandal can knock a brand down for weeks. But Wal-Mart, which is currently facing a public relations problem with a bribery scandal in […]

Not All Green News is Good News, Americans Say

You see those ads about big companies cleaning up oil spills and ads about huge firms taking steps to “go green.” But do you believe them? Not really. Results from […]

Tech Roundup: Find Ambiance on Hoppit; No More Chomp?

Trying to avoid hipsters? Or looking for a bar that caters to the Mad Men crowd? Hoppit, a Manhattan-based startup that searches restaurants and bars based on ambiance (choices at […]

Men Like Manly Cars, Women Like Little Cute Ones

Men and women go for very different kinds of rides. A TrueCar.com study of new car sales for 2011 showed a female affinity for the cute, fuel-efficient MINI, and other […]

As Environmentalists, Most Parents Fall Short

It looks like green is the new color of parental guilt. According to a new survey by iVillage and Today.com, a huge number of parents admit they could do more […]

Tech Roundup: Executives Fear Video Leaks; Cision Adds Search Tools

-Cision has released Seek or Shout, a new online community for journalists, bloggers, freelancers, and PR and marketing professionals that allows those writing stories to connect with sources and calls attention […]