With iPods, Form Prevails Over Function

iPodNano.jpgBig Tech blogger Jon Fortt reports that style has overtaken storage as the number one factor for consumers purchasing new iPods.

Ever since Apple introduced the iPod Mini in 2004, enthusiasts have debated back and forth over the merits of paying $249 for 4GB of storage, versus $299 for 15GB of storage, all because of the Mini’s smaller size. This debate has continued through the introduction of three generations of Nanos, and now largely seems settled: customers prefer style.

Plus, today’s players have up to 8GB of flash storage, and even 16GB in the case of the $399 iPod Touch. That’s plenty for most consumers. Meanwhile, the iPod Classic makes for a tremendous deal at $249 with a whopping 80GB of storage. Even so, the iPod Nano and iPod Touch are both outselling the Classic.

iPod sales now driven by style more than storage [Big Tech]