Jamie Lendino

Car Ignition Key Jams Cell Phones

Here’s a new one: University of Utah researchers have created a car ignition key that prevents the driver from talking on a cell phone or sending text messages while behind […]

Google Relaunches Gmail SMS Service

The merging of online and mobile continues: Google has relaunched the company’s Gmail-based SMS text messaging service after running into some trouble with it back in October, CNET News reports. […]

Time Warner CEO: AOL Still Up for Grabs

In today’s Will-It-Ever-End department, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said the company is still working hard on a possible deal involving AOL, and hopes to come to some kind of […]

Paul McCartney Releases MP3 Album

Add Paul McCartney to the list of famous artists striking out on their own terms. Slashdot reports that the former Beatle has a side project called The Fireman, and that […]

Yahoo Axes 1,500 Employees

As previously reported, Yahoo on Wednesday began laying off employees, following up on an announcement to cut its workforce by at least 10 percent in an effort to turn the […]

RIM Acquires Chalk Media Mobile Content Platform

Research in Motion announced today that it is purchasing Chalk Media for $18.7 million. Chalk is the developer of Mobile Chalkboard, a mobile content platform and application suite that lets […]

Morgan Stanley: iPod, iPhone Demand Falling

Morgan Stanley just cut its price target on Apple shares due to what the company cites as weaker demand for its iPod and iPhone, according to Reuters. “The brokerage conducted […]

Bopaboo Launches ‘Legal’ MP3 Trading Service

One of the problems with buying music tracks online is that they have zero resale value. Unlike with, say, a CD that you can trade in at the local music […]

Tunebite Strips Nokia Comes With Music DRM

Well, that sure didn’t take long: Tunebite just upgraded its universal music converter software, and as Engadget reports, one of its key features is the ability to remove the copy […]

AOL Upgrades Bebo

AOL is determined to get something out of its $850 million investment in social network Bebo. As AllThingsD reports, today the portal is unveiling a new home page, adding a […]