Windows Phone 7 Performance Improvements

Last week I posted about information that Microsoft has on their web site relating to what will be in the first update for Windows Phone 7. Based on the information we have seen so far, it looks like the earliest we can expect to see the update is mid February. CNET has obtained more specific information about the performance improvements that will come with the update.

In an interview with CNET, Aaron Woodman, who is the director of Microsoft’s mobile communication business said that the change is a modification to how memory is loaded. He said that more graphics intense apps like games will see the greatest performance improvement, while text-driven apps may not see as much of an improvement.

My experience is that Windows Phone 7 already performs very quickly with apps that are graphics intense, so I wonder how noticable the performance gain will be. The biggest performance problem I have is with apps like Twitter and Facebook, where you have to wait for the app to retrieve information from the social networking sites after the app starts. Equivalent apps on Android already have the information to display because they continually running and retrieving information, and they are able to do so because Android multitasks while Windows Phone 7 does not.