Want A Million Twitter Followers? Win Them By Following This Account

As we’ve discussed in the past, having tons of Twitter followers shouldn’t be your only goal. Still, we wouldn’t fault you if you’ve dreamed of joining the ranks of Justin Bieber and President Obama in the million+ club.

An advertising firm has created a way for you to bump up your 135 follower count all the way to one million followers. And all you’ve got to do is follow a single account.

Just follow the Twitter account @1millionricher and you’ll be entered to win a million followers of your very own.

As soon as the account hits a million followers, it will be turned over to one lucky randomly selected winner.

The account is about a week old and has just under 4000 followers, so at this rate it’s going to be a while before anyone wins the jackpot.

But as the account’s website explains, winning a million Twitter followers is a actually better than winning the lottery, because you won’t have to pay any taxes. And we all hate taxes.

And of course, the creators of the scheme encourage everyone who follows the account to share it with their own followers to help it grow at a faster pace.

What would be your first tweet if you won a million followers? Let us know in the comments below.

(Hat tip: Mashable; one million image via Shutterstock)