Win $10,000 With iParents Photo Contest, an established social network, has teamed up with Facebook to gain exposure for photo sharing and prints. Currently they are running a contest for the best child photo (voted on by the social network) with over 3,000 prizes. The grand prize is $10,000 for the best photograph and the overall prize value totals $100,000; they certainly are making it easy to want to join their social network!

Another important feature of this website is their “Ask the Expert” section which can range from questions on finances, to pediatrics, to relationships. They also allow for member forums to continue conversations through your peers.

An interesting addition to social networking is the “Interactive Family Calendar” which keeps everyone up to date with all the events. It offers to do lists, text alerts, and other features to keep everyone on track, and more importantly, help keep everyone sane.

Although it is targeted towards a specific niche market, this seems like a very useful website. Offering family advice and fun, there seems to be something here for everyone. The fact that you can share Facebook photos through this account, manage your schedule, and connect with others in similar situations makes this a very user friendly site. And isn’t that what social networks are all about- convenience and information sharing at your fingertips?