William Shatner Treats His 1 Millionth Follower To Dinner

William Shatner was a big name on Twitter before he was a big name on Twitter. He was the face of the Twitter-account-turned-TV-show “$#!& My Dad Says”, which, while not as popular as the account, secured Shatner a position as a Twit-lebrity.

And now, Shatner’s reached a major Twitter milestone – he’s achieved his 1 millionth follower. And he didn’t take the regular route, like tweeting a big “Thanks!” to all of his followers, to celebrate. Instead, he treated his millionth follower to dinner.

Shatner celebrated his 81st birthday last month, and as part of those celebrations he took his millionth follower (and his wife) out to dinner in Charlotte North Carolina.

Troy Pound (@pdoxjr) and his wife enjoyed the company of William Shatner on Tuesday night, after Shatner’s live performance in Charlotte.

Shatner posted a YouTube video of the three dining out, saying thanks to his “one millionth Twitter” (pretty endearing, if you ask me). Take a look at the short clip below:

Pound was a very grateful guest, tweeting that Shatner’s show was “#awesome sauce” and that he was humbled to have dined with the star.And he might have just 109 followers now, but you can bet a few more will trickle in thanks to his new-found connection to Shatner.

According to wsoctv.com, the dinner was set up by Shatner’s wife, Elizabeth, and his online projects coordinator, Paul Camuso.

(s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

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