William Shatner Jumping On The Web Series Bandwagon With The Zenoids

Hey Trekkies! William Shatner is set to co-star with Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping in a new sci-fi animated web series on his site MyOuterSpace.com. Will you be watching?

William Shatner has already taken his talents to the world of web video with his inspired performance of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with Lin Yu Chun and his rendition of Cee Lo’s “F**k You”, so it’s only natural that he would take things to the next level with his own animated web series, The Zenoids.

The series will be launched as part of Shatner’s own social network, MyOuterSpace.com, which launched last March as sort of a mish-mosh of social networking, sci-fi news, video and production company. There have been videos uploaded to the site, including videos from Shatner as well as other members. However, The Zenoids will be the first original web series.

Here’s the premise of the series, according to MyOuterSpace.com:

“Kozmo and Zara were once a popular singing duo on their home planet Zeno. Now their family lives on a spaceship as old as their last single, bopping around the galaxy, trying to keep the dream alive. Daughter Ziri and son Iggy have grown up in the band, reluctantly helping their parents sing for their supper – and engine parts.

“Good gigs are hard to get, but Zara keeps the schedule full, even if it’s only bowling alleys and carnival shows on amusement asteroids. Kozmo’s always got a new pie-in-the sky idea, invention or big-time deal that would set them for life yet never pans out. Between Kosmo’s hustle and Zara’s bustle, they always scrape by, as the Zenoid family lives from adventure to adventure.”

The latest news on The Zenoids is that Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping has signed on to the animated series as well to co-star with William Shatner. Shatner talks to Tapping about her previous web series experience (Sanctuary started on the Web and made it big-time) as well as Shatner’s upcoming series in a recent interview on MyOuterSpace.

Tapping tells Shatner that she thinks The Zenoids is hitting the web at just the right time. Then, Shatner asks her to join The Zenoids as the caption of the spaceship. How could she say no?

What’s your take on The Zenoids and Shatner’s foray into the world of web series? Will you be watching when the series hits the web?