Will the Web Give Rebirth to the Yearbook?

Whether you were the quarterback of the football team of vice president of the math club, all high school graduates look forward to receiving their high school yearbook. It’s usually a warm day in June when you make the rounds having all of your friends – who you swear will be friends forever – sign the pages with funny quips.

Future classes can now take to the Web to add a new dimension to the yearbook experience. Gone are the committee meetings of yesterday. Instead, a program known as Cliq-in allows students to assist in yearbook assembly in a secured and moderated environment.

Have a silly picture of the class clown? A concept for a idea that will act as a virtual time capsule? No problem! Just submit content via a secure intranet site and beg the book’s editor to include it!

The implementation of an online submission system will encourage students to be more forthcoming with information. Not to mention, it will give them an easier way to contribute content – including those over-thought senior quotes.

The Cliq-in system is not just for yearbooks. It can also equip schools with a means of communication that can be used year round.

“Students want a way to organize and save their memories, photos, conversations and reflections, in a secure common environment. Cliq-in provides a vehicle for individual expression,” said Gary Gallivan, Vice President of Marketing for Taylor Publishing Company. “Cliq-in also offers a platform for each school to showcase school activities, academic achievements and athletic accomplishments throughout the entire year,” Gallivan said.

As long as a concept like this doesn’t eventually replace printed yearbooks, I’m a fan!