Will Snapkeys Replace QWERTY for Mobile?

Snapkeys SI is a new, radical typing system that offers mobile typists four minimal buttons, invisible letters, and text-like word recognition. You can even set the whole “keyboard” to invisible.  The idea is to enhance the mobile experience, whose small screens and even smaller keyboards unnecessarily overwhelm the valuable tiny space on mobile devices.

“SnapKeys Si brings a long overdue upgrade to the mobile device market, where the screens of mobile devices have been limited to a QWERTY keyboard and a small text box. Despite innovations in smartphone and tablet technology, mobile devices today are still reliant on QWERTY-based keyboard designs, which were originally intended for typewriters and computers as a separate peripheral from the screen. The screen space of small mobile devices is precious and cannot be occupied by many keys.”

Typing enthusiasts might compare the app to its predecessor, the Dvorak simplified keyboard system, which failed to overtake QWERTY’s unfortunate market dominance. While the app offers a much needed change to mobile interface, the change is too radical and too fast. There should be intermediate options so users can transition from one typing system to another.

Unless users are tethered to one device and one typing system, it will hardly be relevant enough to change a massive industry whose dedication to QWERTY is questionable. The app is currently in beta testing and is only available for Android users. Its fate will be decided by how quickly users can adapt to the minimal keys and invisible interface – an intuitive but drastically different experience.

Via Techcrunch