Wildfire Launches Social Media Monitor

The two-time Facebook fund winner has launched a product that compares brands' social media performance.

Wildfire has launched Social Media Monitor, which compares the performance of different brands on Facebook and Twitter.

You don’t even need to sign up for an account or log in to an existing one on Wildfire to try out Social Media Montor.

Input up to three different brand names at a time, click compare, and a performance graph appears on the next screen. If you can’t think of which companies you want to look at first, the site suggests you look at the Facebook performance of Walmart, Target and Amazaon, or check out how Dominos Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut fare on Twitter.

Wildfire’s press release includes a quote from Chief Executive Officer Victoria Ransom calling the product “akin to Compete.com, only instead of enabling the comparison of web traffic it facilitates the comparison of social media properties.”

The release also includes a comparison of Target and Walmart’s performance using Social Media Monitor: The former overtook the latter this summer and continus to extend its lead through the holiday season, now reaching more than 600,000 fans. Click on the link in this paragraph to see what that looks like on a chart.

Social Media Monitor will likely leverage the success of Wildfire technology, which has made the company a “two-time winner of the Facebook Fund,” to use the company’s wording in its release.

Have you had a chance to try Social Media Monitor? How does it compare to other tools for creating Facebook marketing campaigns?