Why You Should Keep Separate Devices for Work and Play

phonesecurityIf you are part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for work, you might want to consider keeping it separate from your personal uses. Users who have not done so are at risk of losing all of their personal data including their own apps, photos, and contacts since company policies often include remote wiping, often without notification.

This is what happened to Michael Irvin, who saw his phone powering off after an evening meal – he later then noticed that it was completely wiped clean as if it was new from the factory. Irving’s phone was a victim of remote wiping – something his client and 21% of firms do after termination of employment or projects.

While the legalities of the procedure is unclear, it may be wise to keep things separate for the time being. Users who don’t have separate devices should consider backing up personal data as often as possible.  Keeping separate devices could also help your data from being spied on by employers and also keep company software secure from personal device’s adware or viruses.