Why You Can’t Resist the iPhone 5

Apple is at it again.

Few forces rival the power of the very human desire to be included; to be in the know; to be part of the club. No one wants to be on the outside looking in, like poor Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye. (Do high school freshman still read that book?)

Apple understands this fact very well, and they have successfully integrated the powerfully elemental desires into their PR campaigns. Why do you think Apple customers and brand advocates sleep outside Manhattan stores in the freezing February cold? Why do you think I’m writing this very blog post? Apple is about to release the latest version of one of its many venerable products. This time it’s the iPhone 5, but you probably already knew that. Because you’re cool. Because you know.

Like Apple, powerful people in politics often utilize the value of a well-placed leak, because the appeal of knowing something that you’re not supposed to know–or that others aren’t supposed to know–is simply irresistible. Thanks to some clever messaging and subtle outreach, rumors about the debut of the iPhone 5 are no longer speculation; they’re fact.

We know Apple; they would never tease us by dangling such an enticing upgrade in our faces and then fail to show up, like a drunken Santa Claus in the shopping mall parking lot. Bank on it: On September 12, we will all gasp at the unveiling of the newest iPhone and begin crunching the numbers in our checking accounts to determine how long we will need to save to afford one. For most rabid Apple advocates, the period in question will be mere seconds.

Upgrades always bring casualties, however: As of September 12, the once-cool kids will have to hang their heads whenever they mutter, “Naw, it’s just the iPhone 4.” The shame of it all. Don’t worry guys, you’re in good company. Holden Caulfield feels your pain.

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