James F. Thompson

Al-Jazeera Makes the News by Being the Same as Everyone Else

America’s racists are having a tough week. Not only were many of them exposed earlier this week for freaking out on social media after a foreign, brown woman from the […]

PR Challenge: What Should the World’s Ugliest Animal Do Now?

This week the Ugly Animal Preservation Society announced that the blobfish has officially won the title of being the ugliest animal on the planet. This, of course, is not good […]

How Netflix Changed the World One User Experience at a Time

The public loves Netflix. We just do. But it wasn’t always that way. Remember in 2011 when Netflix raised prices and then announced it had splintered its streaming video services […]

How Fingerprints Are Putting Brands In Touch with Consumers

The good news about fingerprint technology is that no two fingerprints are the same. So, if a thief wants to steal your iPhone, he’s going to have to steal your […]

Spin the Agencies of Record

“The shelf life of the average trade book is somewhere between milk and yogurt.”—Calvin Trillin Following a summer-long search, Chobani has named two new agency partners: Droga5, which will lead […]

American Public to Soccer: Now Is Not the Time to Take a Dive

Most kids in high school know one thing: the good looking girls like the popular guys, and if you’re on the football team—yes, American football—then you’re doing okay with the […]

Spin the Agencies of Record

“I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.”—Gilda Radner WORKHOUSE one of the country’s leading public relations and integrated creative agencies, announced that it has been selected […]

The M&M Project: Is Google Coming After Us Next?

Most of the public has that one sage family member who knows that leading a happy life means never getting too high on the highs and never getting too low […]

Radio Shack Chooses Playground Over Business School

The public takes no joy in watching the slow and painful demise of RadioShack. There was a time when RadioShack was a relevant brand in the retail technology game—before it […]

Burger King Launches the Best PR Strategy Ever Witnessed by the Human Race

As public relations professional we are constantly extolling the virtues of listening to the public. Sadly, many brands feel most comfortable being A-type personalities and feel as if they must […]