Why Social Media Loves Domino’s Pizza (UK) and Perverts May Too

Because this is a family show

Domino’s Pizza is yum-yum-good-times food. A global brand that feeds millions of people its greatness. And then there are the randy misfits who enjoy the Domino’s brand for, shall we say, other things. 

Meet Lad Vigo, or at least, that’s what his Twitter handle says. Lad thought it would be a sage consumer decision to notify his favorite pizza chain in the UK that he just boinked a pepperoni and subsequently torched his uh, little sausage.

And the inexplicable conversation that ensued — all via Twitter — is so worth a delivery of the highest order.

You would think if you were the social media manager of a global brand, quite naturally any number of dunderheads would think to troll said Twitter account in hopes of a follow, a retweet or even a conversation that they can frame in the scrapbook of “Being a Royal Horse’s Patoot 2014.”

Typically, you would err on the side of caution, be conservative and keep on moving while banning a follower or two along the way. And then, there’s what Domino’s Pizza of the UK did. Relish in it, get punny and let the rest of the Twitterverse do the rest.

Whether it was a slow Twitter day is yet to be known, and at this point, I could care less. Enjoy.

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