Why Are People Following You? This App Helps You Figure It Out

We shared best practices for following people on Twitter, but what about those folks that follow you?

What do we mean?

Well, have you ever looked at your follower list and wondered why those lovely folks are following you? Sure, you’re super-fantastic-awesome, but knowing why folks follow you could help you tailor your tweets to a target audience and continue to grow that following . . . if you care about such things.

And we found an app that helps you sleuth just that.

Why-Follow is a neat little site – and it’s free.

Once you sign up for an account, new followers receive a direct message linking to a list of answers to the question “why did you follow me?”

The friendly folks at Why-Follow set a default list of the most used answers, but you can edit them to create answers all your own (which we recommend).

And just as you can add additional answers, followers can add additional reasons if your selections don’t capture their reasons for following.

The screen tallies your results and you “can exactly see the latest reactions underneath of every question. Click on the arrow to see the full list of reactions.”

Soooo, are you ready to find out why people are following YOU?

(Duck image from Why-Follow.com)