Why Doesn't Facebook Have Video Analytics?

-Analytics Icon-Facebook has positioned itself as one of the giants of the web, offering everything from messaging to live chat, photo hosting, video streaming, social applications, games and more. They are constantly adding new features to make the site more social and more functional. However, there is still one glaring feature missing from Facebook’s repertoire. Where are Facebook’s video analytics?

When you upload a video to Facebook you can share it with all your friends and, if you make your video public, your friends can share it with all of their friends, and so on and so on. This sounds like the perfect equation for a video to go viral, right? The problem is, content creators have no way of seeing how many times their videos are viewed or how many times they have been shared. According to Facebook’s Help Center, “It is currently not possible to tell how many views each video has received,” and this lack of analytics is surely holding Facebook back in the video department.

Analytics are extremely important to content creators. They want to know what kind of coverage their videos are getting. When they use video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo they can see exactly how many people have viewed their videos in real time. Some of these sites even include analytics about the age, sex and location of viewers. Creators would much rather share links to their YouTube and Vimeo videos rather than upload videos to Facebook for the simple reason that that they want to have an idea of how many total views they are getting.

Facebook is in the unique position to offer content creators with very detailed analytics. They not only know the age, sex and location of every user that views the video, but also the user’s interests, who referred them to the video and whether or not they chose to share it.

If Facebook added a video analytics feature, providing creators with details about views, shares and other information, they would be in a position to compete much more successfully with online video giants like YouTube. Rather than sharing links to outside sources via Facebook, content creators would be much more willing to upload their videos directly to the social media site, increasing Facebook’s collection of quality video content and their role as trendsetter in the world of social video.

Why do you think Facebook has waited to implement video analytics? Do you think more content creators would be willing to upload videos to Facebook if analytics were provided?