Why does someone visit your Facebook page?


People connect with brands on Facebook for a variety of reasons, ranging from contests to a pure love of the company and products. But when a user visits a company’s Facebook timeline, a recent study shows that they’re looking for customer service.

According to a recent study by Accent Marketing, 82 percent of people surveyed use Facebook to speak with a customer service representative. Additionally, two thirds of consumers use Facebook to seek out deals and promotions — 80 percent of these opportunists are Baby Boomers.

Accent’s study summed up how consumers use the social network:

Facebook offers a unique outlet for brands looking to move beyond traditional customer service channels. More consumers are turning to Facebook to interact with brands than any other channel, showing that they expect brands to be prepared to respond and solve customer questions and complaints. Brands looking to take advantage of this opportunity should focus on empowering social media managers to quickly and effectively listen and respond to customer concerns and issues.

Other Facebook-relevant findings from the study:

  • Nearly half of all consumers (44 percent) expect a response from brand on Facebook over other social media channels
  • Nearly half (47 percent) think that Facebook is the quickest social media channel to solve customer service issues
  • Facebook ranks high for consumers expressing both positive (nearly 40 percent) and negative (nearly 30 percent) brand experience

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