Whoever Told You Playing Games Wouldn’t Get You Into College Was Wrong

Tired of your parents telling you to stop playing video games? What if you told them that you could win scholarship money by doing so?

“Get off that video game and do your homework,” used to be my parents’ favorite phrase when I was younger. “Why don’t you go outside and play some football with your friends?” Sound familiar?

Eventually that whole going outside thing didn’t work out too well because at the age of 18, nobody was outside on the playground. I always tried to convince them that my video game playing would help me in college. “Playing video games helps the creativity flow,” I’d shout up the stairs.

What if there was a way to convince your parents that playing games helps you in college? What if playing games gave you the opportunity to receive scholarships for college? “Mom, I need to keep playing to help you pay for my college education,” sound better? Scholar Gamers is giving away $28,000 for their gamers to go to college. You heard it right, $28,000 worth in scholarships for playing games on their website. Gamers 13 and up are eligible.

The way it works is simple: register and play.

While you play the games on the website, you accumulate contest points over time. The higher your contest points are, the better your chances are of winning a scholarship from Scholar Gamers. For all of you parents out there, don’t worry. The games on Scholar Gamers are appropriate for all ages. The social networking aspect of the site is also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, from an internet safety standpoint, it’s always important to know where your children are going on the internet. Don’t be afraid to try the website out first.

Personally my two favorite games are Penguins Attack 2 and Pool. Check out the site for more!