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7 Healthy Apps for Americans to Use the Day After Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving over, you're most likely slouched miserably on your couch, while your extra poundage rests comfortably in your stomach from yesterday's feast. By now you're finally realizing why the extra round of stuffing was a bad idea, and the amount of gravy poured on your turkey, could have been used to fill the Nile (twice over).Even though you feel disgusted with yourself now, eventually you'll want to start dieting to losing your extra stomach fat. To assist you on your journey, the Social Times team has put together a list of healthy mobile apps to help you track, monitor and keep your weight loss goals in check.

3 Ways To Appropriately Prepare Your Client For Social Media Marketing

Clients will expect you to be able to prepare them for social media marketing. By providing them with the appropriate information, you will be able to release some of their initial anxiety, while also promoting the need for your services.Think what it would be like to be sitting on the other side of the conference table, especially if this was your first time investing in social media marketing. What type of questions would you ask, and, if the right questions were asked, what kind of answers would you be looking for?

What Brands Can Learn From Bank Of America’s Failure To Protect Its Own Image On Google+

As most of you may know, Bank of America had a rather interesting brand image related problem on Google+ this week. According to one source, Bank of America was at fault for its own failure. On the other hand, others felt Google was the real culprit for not protecting the authenticity of brands on its social networking platform. Both sides of the debate developed valid arguments, however, Bank of America's failure to protect its own image will be used as a case study for an example of failed brand protection, since brands will be able to learn from this lack of action.

Study: 69% Of Social Media Teens Say Peers Are Mostly Kind To One Another

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, 69% of social media-using teens think their peers are mostly kind to one another.

7 Social Times Stories You May Have Missed This Week

If you are an avid reader of our daily content, which any sane individual is, you may remember reading a lot of articles that were vital to your title as a social media intellect this week.Whether we were discussing slavery of the 21st century or providing you with successful tips for your LinkedIn picture, each story served its purpose in one way or another.Even if you missed our vital stories this week, we put together a list for you, so that you don't have to go searching through our archives. Take a few minutes to read each article, absorb the important points and move on with your day.On behalf of our staff at Social Times, we would like to thank our military members for protecting us from harm and keeping us safe. Happy Veterans Day!

3 Simple Ways Scheduling Tweets Can Help Brands… And 3 Ways It Can Hurt

The tactic of scheduling tweets is often discussed by social media strategists across the spectrum. Even though each side of the debate may have valid points, I will argue that scheduling tweets can always have a positive outcome for your brand, if done correctly.

Will Facebook’s Timeline Last? A Closer Look at 7 Other Facebook Features from 2011

Facebook users are afraid of change, according to a USA Tod ay poll released in mid-October, which revealed that 56% of Facebook users did not like Facebook's latest changes. With that being said, Facebook users are constantly growing by the day. What keeps current users with the social networking platform, and what drives new users towards it? The answers are endless, but we should not be looking at what brings users to the platform, instead we should be looking at what drives users away. Timeline, Facebook's "new kind of profile," could be the underlying answer to the question at hand.

Gallup Poll: The More You Use Facebook, The Less You Care About Privacy

Privacy seems to always be a concern of ours with Facebook...or is it? According to a recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 2,000 adults, users become less concerned with privacy the more they use Facebook, which makes sense, doesn't it?

Netflix’s Stock Dive May Be Why Facebook Has Fears Of Going Public

Over the course of two months, Netflix's market value declined 57%, due to the dissatisfaction of its plan to separate services. As of last week, Netflix changed its tone and decided to yank the unpopular plan. Unfortunately, for Netflix, the damage already took a toll upon its stock. Facebook, on the other hand, still has the time to save itself from the type of damage incurred by Netflix.

New Business Service Will Give You Online Video Rooms, Phone Conferencing and Payment Systems

Typically, I'm not the one to rave about a company's product in an article of mine, but this particular product deserves my full attention. vCita, a new way to engage and meet your online audience, helps enhance your business's online presence by providing you with various services: online video meeting rooms, phone conference services, online payment systems and more.