White Paper: 10 Ways To Do More With Less


(More with less, via SavageChickens)

The press release distribution service Marketwire issued a white paper to help companies navigate the troubled waters of slashed communications budgets titled: “Top 10 Strategies for Boosting ROI Despite Shrinking Budgets and Dwindling Resources”. Indeed.

Much of the advice hinges on making the most of web2.0 and SEO (with press releases, of course) in the thorough 21-page paper. Also included is some sound advice on squaring marketing with sales, and PR with IR.

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One pull-quote (more of a paraphrase) sourcing What’s Next blogger and consultant B.L. Ochman caught my eye: “…who has run successful blog-based campaigns, estimates three month costs of a formal campaign as little as $50,000, which is a trivial investment compared to the cost of a single 30-second TV spot.” True yes, but in this climate many firms would be thrilled to land a 50k project–at $16,667 a month. We’re hearing bad news about those mega retainers disappearing, while the mid-level clients are expecting a lot more for their dime, or asking for discounts. What a difference six months can make when assembling sources for a white paper.

Internal communications people may get the chance to experiment with social media campaigns but as in 2002, will do so at the expense of longer hours and less agency support.