Jason Chupick

Amtrak Announces Writers’ Residency Winners, Keeps Romantic Sentiment Rolling

Just goes without saying That everybody loves a train Go ahead and call us insane But we all just love a train –– Perez Hidalgo, Los Lobos Amtrak announced the […]

Doug Ulman Finally Moves on From Livestrong

Livestrong — a one-of-a-kind case study in branding, PR, advocacy and damage control — has lost its long-time CEO Doug Ulman. Ulman’s 14 years at Livestrong included both a period of […]

‘Fake Steve Jobs’ Takes a Shot at Departing Apple PR Head

Dan Lyons–one of the most colorful journalists to become a marketer i.e. “hack turned flack“–took one final pop at Katie Cotton, the retiring VP of worldwide corporate communications at Apple, by posting a […]

Patagonia’s Dam Movie Is an Unbranded PSA for Raze Awareness

Outdoor gear and apparel brand Patagonia made a damn movie. Never content with its own sterling position in corporate sustainability, the privately held company is releasing “DamNation,” a documentary to […]

Coke Makes Rainbows for South Africa

Need an antidote to the sad, ridiculous, ridiculously sad racism playing out in the news here in America? Check out how Coca-Cola literally brought rainbows to the people of South Africa […]

Groupon Goes Medieval on Amazon’s Drones

Proving Groupon still has some of the old magic, check out their response to Amazon’s buzzy announcement on the use of drones for rapid shipping. “Groupon is about great deals, […]

Party Like You Don’t Have a Website: Annual Sunshine & Sachs Invite Shows 33% Growth

For the 7th year, it is this blog’s tradition to pre-announce the Sunshine & Sachs holiday party with the location redacted. And as is tradition we will measure the growth […]

Nudists Remind Us it’s National Mammography Day

In what could have been a wildly shareable piece of social content, the American Association for Nude Recreation mentioned in passing on their Facebook page to the tune of just 5 […]

Time‘s Rick Stengel Named America’s New Publicist

Time magazine managing editor Rick Stengel is leaving journalism for a job at the State Department. The very likely title is Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public […]

Happy Birthday to The Onion

Happy 25th birthday, America’s Finest News Source. Now get a job and move out of your parents’ basement. To the delight of Area Men everywhere, the weekly newspaper-turned Internet phenomenon […]