White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Debates With Media Whether Obama is “Overexposed”

In the midst of some more “serious” questioning, here is a funny little exchange from today’s White House press briefing. The media want to know when Obama will hold his next press conference.

Q When is the President going to hold a news conference? Not that you’re not adequate.

MR. GIBBS: Well, I appreciate that. (Laughter.) Chip asked this question on Friday —

Q Yes, but she’ll get an answer. (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: Well, she is nicer than you, Chip. (Laughter.)

Q I mean, he’s gone an obscenely long time, not holding one.

MR. GIBBS: But again, not the word “adequate.” (Laughter.)

I don’t see one on the schedule at least in the short term, which is precisely what I said —

Q Is he avoiding us?

MR. GIBBS: No. Again, the last time we had this conversation here about the President’s media strategy I was informed by many of you that the President was overexposed.

Q But you don’t have a good reason for not holding one.

Q Who in this room said that the President was overexposed? One person in this room that said he was overexposed.

MR. GIBBS: No, we had a whole round of questioning on that.

Q Let’s take a vote.

Q Seriously. (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: Okay. Who at some point —

Q Raise your hand if you do not believe he’s overexposed. (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: Okay, so that’s one.

Q That was very confusingly phrased.

MR. GIBBS: No, that was actually quite well-phrased and one person —

Q And that is not the answer. The answer is accountability.

Q Who wants a news conference? (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: Right, who wants to win the lottery?

Q Are you saying our chances are just the same?

MR. GIBBS: Scratch and win, Major. Scratch and win.

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