White House Steals Twitter’s Legal Director To Be New Chief Privacy Officer

What would be better than working at Twitter?

How about working at Twitter and then being selected for a newly created position at The White House?

Here’s yet another reason to envy those Twitterati . . .

cool jobs that call for interesting qualifications, working there also lines you up for a shot at The White House apparently.

CNET shares that “President Obama has picked Nicole Wong, Twitter’s legal director, to be the White House’s first chief privacy officer.”

Wong doesn’t only have Twitter to brag about, she was previously “a vice president and deputy general counsel at Google at its Mountain View headquarters, where she managed a team of lawyers that worked with the company’s engineers to review products before they launched. The reviews included privacy, copyright, and removal requests, which earned her a nickname of “The Decider” — as recounted in a 2008 New York Times Magazine article.”

Wong hasn’t been with Twitter very long, she just joined the blue bird in November of 2012. And there were big hopes that this First Amendment pro would help Twitter protect free speech. But it looks like she’s moving on to bigger and better things!

We wonder who they’ll steal from Google next to replace her?

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