Whispering Willows Horror Adventure Game Launches on Mobile

Whispering Willows stars Elena, a young girl who can transform into a spirit, on a quest to find her missing father.

Publisher Abstraction Games and developer Night Light Interactive have launched Whispering Willows on iOS and Android devices. The horror adventure game stars Elena, a young girl on a quest to find her missing father.

Elena can transform into a ghostly version of herself to interact with other spirits and access parts of the haunted Willows Mansion. Players explore 2-D environments by using a virtual joystick and buttons to move, switch between forms and interact with their environments. The game supports ‘most’ bluetooth controllers.

An amulet around Elena’s neck will glow when a spirit is nearby, prompting players to switch to Elena’s spirit form to interact with it. Players must also look out for glowing blue areas in the environment, which indicate Elena’s spirit form is needed to squeeze through cracks in the wall or ceiling, pull switches, and so on. Elena’s spirit can possess certain items in the environment, which may be necessary to clear pathways or reach otherwise inaccessible items, as examples.

Gamers will need to solve puzzles and help friendly spirits as they progress, which may see them picking up objects from one area of the mansion or grounds, and delivering them elsewhere. While many spirits are friendly, players must also watch out for evil spirits, which can defeat Elena with a touch. When Elena falls, players are reset in their current room, and can try again.

Players can collect a variety of notes and journal entries as they explore the mansion and its grounds, with these notes expanding the story. Notes relate to individual story characters, and are numbered, so players will know when they’ve collected them all. Elena will also create her own journal entries as players progress.

In a statement, David Logan, CEO and co-founder of Night Light Interactive, commented:

The response we initially received from gamers who checked out Whispering Willows on Ouya was phenomenal, and we are so thrilled to be able to give Xbox and mobile gamers the same opportunity today. Partnering with Abstraction Games has ensured that the Xbox and mobile versions are of the highest quality, so gamers will have a memorable experience waiting for them.

Whispering Willows is now available to download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game will cost $4.99 until September 9, with the price doubling thereafter. Whispering Willows is also available to download on home consoles, Ouya and Steam.